Freakatoni Witchy Weekends was created in 2009 in Amsterdam to confront the international trend to institutionalise and alienate creativity in art.

It represents interdisciplinary, collaborative improvisations with an aim to arrive at real-time compositions for live performances. It is a platform for artists and public who are looking for a space to celebrate experimental art.

The artists who gather for the Freakatoni Witchy Weekends are musicians, actors, poets, singers and dancers from all backgrounds, ages, orientations, countries and experiences. These artists have a compassion to create real time performance with a vision for what, where, and how they wish to engage with public, in a varied program comprising dance, music, physical theatre, poetry and standup comedy; the next generation of cutting edge artists are given a stage to showcase their work. 

Freakatoni Witchy Weekend 2020 performances take place on the bottom floor of the OT301 building, Studio 1 Theatre and BAR

Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam.

Fridays and Saturdays

August 7-8 / 14-15 / 21-22, 2020.

Doors open 19:30. Performances run from 20:00-23:00. We accept late comers all night long.

Evenings are in three parts with an event in the Studio 1 theatre, followed by a Music Theatre event and band in the BAR. Each event is accompanied by an MC Performance Artist, and illuminated by a distinguished real time light designer.

If you plan to be in Amsterdam at this time and are looking for a alternative cultural evening, do not skip the “Freakatoni Witchy Weekends” with its welcoming atmosphere, reasonably priced entrance fee and drinks. Come to socialise and celebrate experimental performance at its finest.

Camera Kage Park / Edit Ilaria Honsinger / Photos Roman Zotter

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