OT301 Cultural Center

Overtoom 301 / 1054 HW Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

The OT301 was squatted by artists in Amsterdam in the early 2000’s. Two years later is was legitimised as a sub Culture Centre for diverse community and international art activities including experimental music, theatre, poetry, visual art, dance, film, workshops and classes.

The building is in old west central Amsterdam, with an Art Deco decor rumbled between the constant renovations and graffiti. The building has four floors of ateliers, movement and dance studios, galleries, cinema, theatre for live performances and sound/recording studios. It is set right on the Vondelpark, the largest park in the city.

De Peper (ground floor) is open to the public for dinner on the Friday and Saturday Freakatoni Witchy Weekend evenings. De Peper exists on the policy to not set their fee for a meal. They ask that you pay what ever it is you can afford. You need to go to their website to sign up for your dinner served at 18:00 before the Freakatoni performances begin.

Freakatoni Witchy Weekend 2020 performances take place on the bottom floor of the OT301 building Theatre and adjoining Bar.

Fridays and Saturdays
August 7-8 / 14-15 / 21-22, 2020.
Doors open 19:30. Performances run from 20:00-23:00. We accept late comers all night long.