Katie Duck: 

Born in Oxnard California (1951), Katie Duck is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. She began performing in plays and musicals as a teenager, attended the University of Utah as a modern dance major and then joined the Salt Lake City Mime Troupe touring in the United States and Europe. (1973-6).  She toured through out Europe with her one hour productions Rutles, The Orange Man, Brown eye Green eye and Mind the gap and participated in free lance improvisation collaborations with Julyen Hamilton, Kristie Simpson and Steve Paxton among others. Katie has worked with music artists from various backgrounds, acoustic, electronic, jazz, traditional, modern music and punk, who share her passion for interdisciplinary real time performances. She has worked with directors, actors, vocalist, dancers, and physical theatre artists from various backgrounds in companies, troupes, solo and ensembles. She has included text in her performances since the 70’s with an ear on how this can integrate musically as well as produce an objectified meaning of events. Katie hasincluded the use of object in relationship to figure since my early work in Italy in the 80’s. These experiences are what she has used to distinguish a Music Theatre platform for interdisciplinary real time performances. She accepts artists from all performance art and music backgrounds without prejudice concerning technical skills or aesthetic boundaries.



Melissa Cisneros: 

Studied dance at the Idyllwild Arts Academy in the USA, choreography at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) and fine arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. She has been working independently and in collaboration with several artists in the fields of visual arts, performance and dance. Melissa has worked with spaces in Europe, México, and the USA, such as ada Studio & Bühne, atelierhof-Kreuzberg (Berlín), Hotel Mariakapel, PSWAR, OT301 (The Netherlands), Centro Cívico Barceloneta, La Poderosa, La Porta (Barcelona), Centro Cultural de España, Centro Nacional de las Artes (México City) and Parker´s Box Gallery (NY). Since 2006 she is a member of the music-dance improvisation collective Unfinished Company in Amsterdam. In Barcelona she founded together with Diana Gadish Papaya Mecánica (2009), heterogeneous group that invites artist from different disciplines to collaborate in the making of performances. In 2010 La Mecedora was created as a platform for young artist to show work in progress in an informal setting in Mexico and Europe. Melissa has created performances such as Kit for pendulum (2011) Healing Room (2011) Flota (2010) in collaboration with Bárbara Foulkes, Máquina de huesos (2009) and Ghost Body (2009). She has worked in several musical projects as a performer/showgirl with the Amsterdam based band Supercity. Currently she is an MFA candidate for Dance Making and Performance at the Theater and Dance Department in the University of California, San Diego.



Justin Morrison:

Justin Morrison is a dancer, teacher and performance maker. He is based between San Diego and New York City, and remains connected to the Amsterdam and European dance communities.

Notable collaborations in dance include the work of Pavel Zustiak, Sara Shelton Mann, Hope Mohr, AVYK, Leslie Seiters, Christine Bonansea, Katie Duck, the Amsterdam based MAGPIE Music Dance Company, Wally Cardona, Diego Piñon, and others. While living in Amsterdam he was a frequent guest teacher at the Amsterdam School for the Arts, SNDO: School for New Dance Development, Rotterdam Dance Academy, and ArtEZ in Arnhem. In 2014 Justin was served as guest Professor of Dance in the Choreography department of K-Arts, Korea National University of Arts (KNUA), in Seoul. Since 2016 Justin has served as Lecturer in Dance at San Diego State University

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